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Curious About A Gift Certificate? 
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Bedrooms, Closets, Offices, Kitchens

$50 / hr / Organizer

Includes sorting, purging, help with decision making and creating best use of space.  

We want to help you Simplify, Organize and Streamline your everyday tasks. 

Our homes and offices need to be productive and healthy environments.

Garages, Attics, Unfinished Basements

$60 / hr / Organizer

Potentially hazardous areas that require moving heavy, dangerous objects under harsher conditions require a slightly higher fee.

Downsizing, Moving

$55 / hr / Organizer

Safely packing, labeling and organizing house contents.  Does not include boxes or shipping tape.  After a move, we can help you unpack and organize any area of your space.


Call Liz

Put your best foot forward before selling your home.


Up to $25

An opportunity to see how well we might work together with you and assess the degree of clutter and organization desired.  Most estimates are free and can be discussed in a phone call.  Any charge will depend on distance/time to your location and will be applied toward any agreed upon work.

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