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Life is like Underwear - Change is Good

At one time or another we find ourselves in a rut. Nothing exciting to look forward to; frustrated with the pace of our lives or a situation that holds us back. It's only when the feeling gets so strong that we are willing to try something new.

So here's our new website and new name. It was difficult breaking ties with what we were familiar with. The first step was saying it out loud. The second step was inviting another set of eyes to help us with the change. It didn't happen overnight. And we had to be open to new possibilities. It feels like being dumped overboard in the sea, clinging to driftwood until you latch onto a line and are pulled back to safety. Much like getting started on changing your living and working space. It was time to "Make Room for Happy".

We hope you will explore our new site. Some things are relatively unchanged but we are particularly excited about our new name CORE ORGANIZING and our other FUN PAGES.

Au Revoir Les Amis - Carol and Liz

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